Celebrate PlayStation 4 with a $10 gift from Sony

Sony appears to be gifting its PlayStation Network users a free $10 credit for the PlayStation Store. Why? Why are you even questioning this? With the world waiting with baited breath for the rumored PlayStation 4 announcement later today, you’d think that alone would be enough to indulge their fans. Sony's actions say otherwise. No matter what your console or company loyalties are, it’s hard to turn down free money.

The exact message said:

Thank you for being a loyal customer and fan of the PlayStation Network. As a token of out appreciation, we’ve sent you $10.00 to spend on the PlayStation Store!

Is Sony bribing you with free money? Are we merely celebrating the PlayStation 4? Is this PR move overkill? Who cares, you just got $10. Start talking about the PlayStation 4, watch the PlayStation meeting at 6:00 EST, and follow the updates on GameZone’s PS4 reveal: See the Future of PlayStation live dammit. We're less than an hour away!

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