Celebrate Halloween with new Ghost Recon Online features and content

As is tradition with many online games, Ghost Recon Online has received a new patch that brings various new features and Halloween themed content. Released today, the new 0.9.0 patch introduces a few Clan elements, a Beginner's playlist, and a Halloween Content Pack featuring skins and special weapons.

The main feature in the update is the introduction of Clans. While the feature will be introduced in phases, it starts with patch 0.9.0. With this patch, the community will first be able to start forming social bonds with friends and other players through the creation, formation, and management of their own Clans. You'll also be able to identify your Clan through the use of Clan Tags and customizable Clan crests.

Also coming in this update is a Beginner's Playlist to teach newcomers the basics of the game. Players who have all three characters between levels 1 to 4 can use the Beginner's Playlist. 

Lastly, the Halloween event includes a Halloween Content Pack featuring 6 new weapons with new skins as well as different stats. These new weapons will be released in two sets, the first available now and ending October 31, the second being made available November 1 and ending on November 7. The weapons have a +5% increase damage increase and a +5% increase in recoil compared to heir base-counterparts.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Clans.