cdv Promotes Sacred 2: Fallen Angel with Blind Guardian Appearance at Comic Con 2008

July 23, 2008

Promotes Sacred 2: Fallen Angel with Blind Guardian Appearance at Comic Con 2008

German Power Metal Band to Sign
Autographs in Support of Action RPG Sacred 2: Fallen Angel at Comic Con Booth

cdv Software Entertainment USA is
pleased to announce that Hansi Krsch and André Olbrich, lead vocalist and lead
guitarist of the definitive power metal band BLIND GUARDIAN, will be signing
autographs in the Sacred 2: Fallen Angel area (Booth 5129) at this year’s
Comic-Con in San Diego. The band members will be available on Friday and
Saturday, July 25 and 26, from 5 to 6 pm to meet fans and promote a new song
written exclusively for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Fans will also be able to visit
the booth to enjoy hands-on play time with Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, the Action
RPG set to release this fall on PC and next-generation consoles.

Click here to download
a new SACRED 2: Fallen Angel Blind Guardian Video.

"The opportunity for Blind Guardian
to work on a popular video game is quite exciting alone,” said Hansi Krsch,
lead singer of BLIND GUARDIAN. "To have us be able to contribute to and have our
band exist within a game as rich as Sacred 2: Fallen Angel has been very
rewarding for us, as gamers and fans of the Sacred series.”

“We’ve been long-time fans of Blind
Guardian’s music,” added developer Ascaron Entertainment’s founder Holger
Flöttmann. “The opportunity to have one of our favorite bands write a song and
include their alter egos in-game has been a wonderful experience. It also
signifies how great music and amazing games can fit together to deliver an even
more enjoyable experience to gamers.”

“The members of Blind Guardian and
their US record label, Nuclear Blast, have been extremely easy to work with,”
indicated Mario Kroll, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for cdv
Software Entertainment USA. "To have musicians of this caliber and popularity
not only help and create, but also promote Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is something
we’re incredibly excited about."

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel will release
for the PC in North America in September 2008. Console versions will be released
in November 2008. For more information, please visit the Sacred 2 website at

Visit BLIND GUARDIAN online at

BLIND GUARDIAN music and DVDs will
be available for purchase throughout the convention at the Nuclear Blast area
(Booth 116) at Comic Con 2008.