CD Projekt RED considers 20 hours to be a ‘smaller game’

CD Projekt RED's The Witcher series has a reputation for delivering impactful, story-driven gaming experiences that offer hours upon hours of gameplay. Nothing drives this reputation home more than the company's own strategy report, which was leaked earlier today. The road map for 2013 through 2016 notes two "smaller, but top-quality games" that are said to contain about 20 hours of gameplay. 

20 hours… small? It's funny that what CD Projekt RED considers to be small is actually what most publishers tend to spit out these days — if that. Just for comparison's sake, the main story of The Witcher 2 was about 20 hours. For the completionist, you could get about 50 hours out of the game. CD Projekt RED's next game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is said to feature a world about 30 times bigger than its predecessor — so you can expect some more lengthy gameplay.

We don't yet know what these two "smaller" games will be, but I think there is something to take away from the company's fundamental belief that 20 hours of gameplay is considered small. During a time when plenty of publishers are nickle and diming customers with DLC, season passes, and microtransactions, CD Projekt RED is looking simply to offer a quality experience. And because of that, The Witcher series has quickly become one of the more popular RPG franchises. 

Other notable mentions in the strategy report include a cross-platform mobile game based on one of the company's brands, the premiere of the first non-computer game set in The Witcher world and, of course, the launch of two highly anticipated games: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077.

CD Projekt RED's strategy roadmap for 2013-16 can be read here, but it's not in English.