CBS to turn ‘Draw Something’ into television game show

Popular mobile game Draw Something, which I admit to playing for a while before I realized there was really no purpose, is heading to television.

According to reports, CBS has won the bidding war to air a pilot of a primetime game show based on Zynga's mobile drawing game. The new series has been created by Sony Pictures Television, Ryan Seacrest Productions, and Embassy Row.

The new game show will closely mimic the app's main drawing premise with teams of celebrities testing their skills against the general public in front of a studio audience. Cash prizes will be available to the winner. Encouraging connection to the television audience, viewers at home will also reportedly be able to participate.

The TV adaptation of Draw Something isn't expected to launch until the beginning of 2013 at the earliest.

Draw Something,  originally created by OMGPOP, exploded onto the mobile gaming scene providing users a quick and easy way to play a Pictionary-like game with friends. However, once the game was sold to Zynga, Draw Something began shedding players at an alarming rate. It still boasts a good amount of daily active users, but nowhere near the amount it once had. CBS is probably hoping the once extremely popular app will translate into television viewers.