Cave Story 3D Won’t Include Original Game

Cave Story 3D has got to be one of the most anticipated 3DS titles, and its November launch should make it an ideal candidate for holiday shoppers. If you’ve got a 3DS and are waiting on some strong titles to play, Cave Story 3D should definitely be on your list. In an interview with Siliconera, Cave Story 3D producer Jack Niida shared some interesting information on the game’s content.

Longtime fans of Studio Pixel’s beloved indie hit can expect to see a lot of familiar places as well as a lot of fresh content. The levels in Cave Story 3D have been taken directly from the original version of the game, and there aren’t any new stages, but what longtime fans of the game have seen before has been expanded. Additionally, popular NIS characters will make appearances in the game, and Niida hinted at the presence of the ever-popular Prinny.

Unfortunately, some gamers may be disappointed to know that the original version of Cave Story won’t be included on the 3DS game. “That’s one thing we were talking about, too, but the problem was the amount of space on the card size,” clarified Niida. “We sort of squeezed everything in and at this point we don’t have enough space for it.”

I don’t really see problem with this omission. After all, gamers can easily check out the freeware version of the game or, oh, I don’t know, support indie gaming by shelling out a few bucks for the WiiWare release. In any case, Cave Story 3D looks like a promising title, and a good buy for 3DS owners.