Cave Story 3D Delayed

Gamers hoping to get their hands on Cave Story 3D this summer are going to have to wait a few more months. About three months, to be exact. The visually remastered version of the indie classic has been delayed until November.

News of the delay came from developer Nicalis, who confirmed that the game would be pushed back when contacted by Joystiq. It’s a shame that Cave Story 3D won’t be making its August 9 launch as planned. But if the devs truly feel that they need some extra time to iron out any kinks and fix any issues with the game, they should take that time to ensure a stellar experience for gamers.

It’s not like this summer isn’t already rife with kick-ass titles. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, inFamous 2, and Shadows of the Damned are providing gamers with plenty of quality gameplay. We’ve also got Catherine and No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise slated to launch in a matter of weeks. And while Cave Story 3D would have been an excellent summer title, you can’t fault a developer for trying to turn out the best product possible for consumers.

So it looks like we’ll still have to wait some time before we get our hands on the remastered version of Cave Story. Don’t lose hope, though. It’ll launch on November 8.