Cave Story 3D Releasing August 9

Nintendo 3DS owners, mark your calendars for August 9 because Cave Story 3D will be launching on Nintendo's new dual screen handheld this summer. Fans of the original are sure to be excited about the game. Even if you have yet to play Cave Story for PC or WiiWare, you should watch out for this title.

Cave Story rose to prominence as one of the most popular and well-known indie games ever created. Developed by one man who called himself Studio Pixel, Cave Story offered a deep and touching story with plenty of humor and dialogue. The formula lent itself to that Metroid/Castlevania style of side-scrolling action-adventure gameplay that so many gamers adore.

Cave Story 3D was recently announced for the 3DS, and we've been learning new details about the game little by little. Aside from being on a snazzy 3DS game card and featuring some pretty sweet box art, Cave Story 3D will also feature revamped visuals. But the graphics aren't just 3DS-style 3D–the levels themselves have actually been revamped to rotate slightly as you progress through the game.

Indie game fans are sure to be watching out for this one. But any gamer with a love for good titles should have their sights set on Cave Story 3D. It's just an incredible, iconic adventure, and gamers would be doing themselves a disservice if they passed up the opportunity to play this game.

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