Cave Story 3D Publisher Worried About Sales

Cave Story 3D is easily one of the top titles to watch out for if you own a 3DS. After being a success as a freeware PC title and eventually faring pretty well on the Wii and DSi, Studio Pixel's indie gem has become one of the most respected small-scale titles around. Despite its positive reputation, however, it seems that NIS America President Haru Akenaga has been worried about the game's sales this whole time.

"I'm really worried about sales for Cave Story," Akenaga told Siliconera. "It's not the quality of the game, it's the market. Actually, we could have released the title in the summer of this year, but the market was not great then."

The NIS America president then went on to say that he hopes the high saturation of AAA games from now until the end of the year will allow Cave Story 3D to pop up on store shelves for a long time. "Almost all of the retailers did not want to carry 3DS titles that were not AAA titles," he said. "That's why we postponed the release of Cave Story until market conditions improved. Now there are many big titles and that should be better for 3DS."

Personally, I really hope Cave Story 3D sells a good amount of copies. The game holds a special place in my gamer heart as one of my favorite indie titles, and though it has been played by a ton of people, more exposure would certainly be a good thing. If you own a 3DS, Cave Story 3D should most definitely be on your radar.

I'd also like to point out that it'sa total shame that Nintendo's blunders with the 3DS have caused developers and publishers to feel the way NIS America does. Had the handheld been supported fully and not been treated like a total joke, it's possible that more gamers would have taken it more seriously. Now, it's the people who make the games that are worried about their announced content not selling.