Catherine Special Edition to Include Pillow, of Course

Persona 3 is one of the greatest J-RPGs of all time. Persona 4 was one of the biggest disappointments of all time. For Team Persona’s next trick, they will be bringing the near-hentai title, Catherine, to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the Japan.

Of course, what would a super pervy Japanese game be without some sort of real-life pillow?

The Catherine Famitsu DX Pack includes the following goodies:

*Three 297×420 posters
*An “arm rest mini cushion”
*Telephone cards featuring original Shigenori Soejima artwork
*Art book (also comes with regular edition)
*SoundDisk (also comes with regular edition)

I’m surprised there are no tissues–did they think that would be distasteful? If you’re not already familiar with Catherine, watch the trailer below. It won’t really explain anything, but it has boobs and sheep people in it.