Catherine Seduces with New Screenshots

Catherine, despite being utterly indecipherable to the majority of U.S. gamers, has been glued to our radar for awhile now. With a North American release date confirmed by Atlus, we will only have to wait until summer to learn if all the attention has been justified.

What is it about this game? Well, there’s the obvious sex appeal of a cute girl acting incredibly suggestive, but I think it has more to do with how the game seems to be dabbling in some genuinely mature themes. Maybe I’m hoping for too much, but in the meantime you can at least enjoy this big batch of screenshots:

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Video games became an amazing, artful, interactive story-driven medium for me right around when I played Panzer Dragoon Saga on Sega Saturn. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to be a part of this industry. Somewhere along the line I, possibly foolishly, decided I’d rather write about them than actually make them. So here I am.