Catherine Featuring Mutliplayer Modes

The team behind Persona is doing more than just including some erotic preorder goodies with their upcoming surreal action game Catherine. In addition to the game’s main single-player mode, which has been revealed to be Golden Theater mode after a TV show in the game, two players will be able to compete in Babel Mode. This component features four stages that can be unlocked by playing through the single-player mode. Babel Mode also features an online leaderboard that records your shortest times when playing through the four featured levels.The second multiplayer component in Catherine is Colloseum, which is unlocked after clearing story mode. In Colloseum, two players race through the game’s levels by climbing upward and sabotaging one another.

Also worth noting is the game’s Confessional. At the end of each level, you are asked a question and presented with multiple answers. Your answer will affect your progression and will be recorded in the game. And if you’re online, the game will present a graph with other players’ responses. It seems the graph will track the gender of the players, although how it will do this is still unknown. The most obvious thing would be for the game to ask you upon starting your adventure.

A demo for Catherine will be available to Japanese audiences on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network later today.