Catechumen Heads to the Retail Channel


You Have What It Takes To Be The Sole Remaining Guardian Of Truth? N’Lightning
Software Development Announces Catechumen(TM)


DC — (INTERNET WIRE) — 03/19/2001 — N’Lightning Software Development,
Inc. today
announced the release of Catechumen to the retail channel. Catechumen is an
award-winning adventure game set in ancient Rome. The game is graphically
rich, exciting, and educational. Catechumen is being marketed and sold to the
US and European retail markets by CenturionSoft® a Software Abroad Company


is the first high quality, 3D, first-person Christian computer game ever
produced,” said Ralph Bagley , President of N’Lightning Software
Development. “While we are the first to admit that other Christian games
have gone before us, none have ever directly competed against the top-selling
secular games. Our game is intense, with an excellent story-line and is
graphically one of the best on the market,” he added.


main plot of Catechumen: Your mentor and brethren have been captured by the
Demon possessed Roman soldiers. It is your job to work your way through the
catacombs to free them. Satan has a powerful hand in the Roman Empire and has
powerful foes to block your every effort. From the prison, in which your
mentor is kept, he sends a plea for help to you.


contains mild animated violence and has been rated appropriate for teenagers
by the ESRB.


requirements include Windows 95/98/2000/ME, SVGA high color (16 bit), 64 MB
Ram, 3D accelerator card, Windows compatible soundcard, Pentium 233 or higher
processor, 2x CD-ROM drive Mouse, keyboard. The following are also recommended
for optimum performance: 16 MB or higher video memory, Pentium 300 or higher
processor, Soundblaster Compatible Soundcard, DirectX 7.0 (included).


carries an MSRP of $19.95, and is now shipping. At the date of this release
major retailer Babbages, Software-Etc. has agreed to carry Catechumen in over
450 of their retail outlets and other major retailers are expected to follow
soon. On-line merchants include


Software Development is based in Medford, Oregon and was created in April,
1999. The company is dedicated to bringing the gaming community high-quality
first person games that have a historical and biblical basis. Another new
title “Ominous Horizons™” is already under development and is set to be
released in the summer of 2001. You can find N’Lightning Software
Development on the World Wide Web at


is a Washington, DC-based software company that specializes in Windows
software. It markets a number of leading products including Steganos 3
Security Suite™, a complete security solution for protecting privacy.

more information, contact CenturionSoft
at 202-293-5151, or visit



Michael Held Company: CenturionSoft – North America Phone: 202-293-5151
Email: [email protected]

Jim Tyer Company: CenturionSoft – Europe/Asia Phone: 34-93-894-265 Email: [email protected]

Dave Caputo Caputo Company: N’Lightning Software Development Phone:
541-245-9309 Email: [email protected]


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