Castlevania meets Dark Souls in Salt and Sanctuary

Charlie Murder developer Ska Studios recently revealed their new-gen project Salt and Sanctuary, which shows a prominent influence from both From Software’s Souls series and the retro styling of Castlevania.

The 2D action game manages to take evasion, countering, timing and weapon movesets into account, GameInformer reports. True to its roots, bosses and loot are also rampant, outnumbered only by the game’s ‘currency,' Salt.

Salt functions largely as Souls do for Dark and Demon’s Souls in that it is used to upgrade your character, is lost upon death, and can be reclaimed by reaching your most recent point of death. A fast travel system a la Bonfires will also be included.

Salt and Sanctuary does not yet have a hard release date but is expected for PS4 and PS Vita sometime next year.