Carthage joins as a faction in Total War: Rome 2

When you think of competition and war with Rome pre year zero, Carthage and the 3 Punic Wars usually come to mind; either that or Dido setting herself on fire in the play Dido, Queen of Carthage.  Speaking of Dido, she is the leader of Carthage in Civilization V.  Well guess what; unsurprisingly Carthage has joined the roaster of playable factions in Total War: Rome 2.

The catch line “Democracy, commerce, faith" does a fair job in saying what Carthage will prioritize in Total War: Rome 2.  With enough organized trade, it appears that Carthage will buy the bunk of their military from mercenaries.  Mixed with Carthage’s own Sacred Band and war elephants, their ground troops will remain comparable.  The speed of their navy offers a fast and a maneuverable fleet that will control the Mediterranean.     

Although the Pyrrhic War had made Rome and Carthage brothers in armies, treaties only last so long.  This shaky peace is where Total War: Rome 2 will start.  I mean, after all, what’s the worst that could happen?  There is no way someone’s capital city would ever get pillaged, destroyed, and salted so nothing could ever grow there ever again.  That would be rude.      



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