Capcom’s Fate/unlimited codes Comes to PSP as Digital Download this Summer

April 28, 2009

Capcom’s Fate/unlimited codes
Comes to PSP as Digital Download this Summer

Digital Distribution Brings the
Fight of the Century to the Palm of Your Hand!

Capcom today announced that a
fighting game, Fate/unlimited codes, is scheduled for release in North America
in Summer 2009. This exciting PSP title will only be available for sale via the
PlayStation Store on the PSP system and Media Manager Pro for the PSP system.
Fate/unlimited codes is rated T for Teen by the Entertainment Software Ratings
Board (ESRB) and will be available this summer for $29.99.

Based on the PC and PlayStation 2
visual novel ‘Fate/stay night,’ Fate/unlimited codes takes place in a local town
in Japan where 7 pairs of ‘Masters’ and ‘Servants’ compete for the ‘Holy Grail’
that will grant them any wish. This compelling combat experience for the PSP
system features a deep roster of characters and unique fighting moves, while
employing a fast-paced, weapons-based fighting system that is sure to meet any
Capcom fans highest expectations.

The original Arcade version has been
greatly updated for the PSP system, and designed in such a way so that anyone
can pull-off a speedy action move with the most basic fighting game controls.
Special attacks are easy to pull off as well, making this one of those rare
fighting games that almost anyone can jump into and become a pro at.

For those feeling confident enough
to take on some competition, Fate/unlimited codes supports local wireless play
on the PSP system, allowing two players to duke it out wirelessly. Additionally,
the game has dozens of unlockable secrets, including alternate costumes, 250
plus missions and mini-games. Eighting, the development team that brought you
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom now brings this exciting game to the PSP system.