Capcom Favorites Come To The PSP In Capcom Classics Collection Remixed

History Arrives In Gamers Hands As Acclaimed
Capcom Favorites Come To The PSP In Capcom Classics Collection Remixed

Remarkable Collection Reunites Timeless
Classics Including 1941, Street Fighter and Strider 

SUNNYVALE, Calif –November 18, 2005 — Just when
the past was in the past, Capcom® today announced Capcom® Classics Collection
Remixed, a remarkable compilation for the PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) system
which will have every gaming generation reminiscing about the good ole arcade
days. Bursting with retro flavor, this portable arcade compilation comes
together in an amazing collection of 20 all-time favorites that will have gamers
reaching for their quarters. Adding to the bountiful content, the game is
further enhanced with wireless multiplayer gameplay via the PSP system’s ad hoc
mode. Bonus features are abound in this 20-in-1 anthology, enticing those
wanting a great handheld gaming package at a tremendous value. Capcom Classics
Collection Remixed is scheduled for release throughout North America in March

Capcom Classics Collection Remixed provides
quality entertainment that delves deep into Capcom’s history, offering players
more depth and gameplay challenges. Play this latest cache of classics in
several aspect ratios including normal, stretch or, depending on the title, its
original vertical orientation. Fully customizable controls enhance the gaming
experience by allowing the reassignment of the analog stick to accommodate
vertical games. Enjoy the timeless hits of yesteryear with the wireless
capabilities the portable system has to offer such as joining no-fuss
multiplayer games and downloading music. Players will need to be pried away from
this game as the multitude of bonus materials will have them glued to the system
wanting more.

Capcom Classics Collection Remixed boasts the
following features:

  • 20-games-in-1 including:
    • 941 – A vertical shooter that challenges
      player to shoot down enemy fighters, buildings, ships and vehicles.
    • Avengers – A unique top down, vertically
      scrolling beat ‘em up has players roving through the gang riddled streets of
      Paradise City in search of the ring leader who has taken hostages.
    • Block Block – An innovative twist to the
      block breaking genre, Block Block features a two player co-op mode, allowing
      for the cooperative destruction of blocks. Also unique to this title was the
      constantly shrinking paddle that forced player to finish each board as
      quickly as possible.
    • Captain Commando – Following in the
      footsteps of several great side-scrolling brawler titles, this four player
      co-op game tracks the adventures of four intergalactic space rangers who
      must enforce peace throughout the galaxy.
    • Magic Sword – An intense side-scrolling game
      that takes players through 50 levels of the ominous Dragon Tower in order to
      defeat the evil Drokkmar.
    • Quiz and Dragons – The most innovative quiz
      game of its time which features integrated RGP style gameplay. Taking place
      on a virtual board game, players would roll the dice to determine their
      progression. A battle would ensue if characters landed on an enemy.
      Knowledge is power as quizzes are provided with each confronted challenger.
      Answering correctly is a strike against the enemy. A wrong answer is a
      strike against the player.
    • Street Fighter – The game that started the
      entire fighting phenomenon and created a generation of video game brawlers.
      The first Capcom fighting game only had two playable characters, Ken and Ryu,
      who would travel the world to compete in martial arts tournaments.
    • Strider – An inventive action platform game
      that follows Strider Hiryu who must save the earth from the clutches of the
      evil Grandmaster Meio and his minions.
    • Three Wonders – A compilation of three games
      in one that covered three different genres: horizontal scrolling platformer
      (Midnight Wanders), horizontal scrolling shooter (Chariot) and a puzzle game
      (Don’t Pull).
    • Varth – A scrolling aerial vertical shooter
      that has players in the cockpit of a plane firing shots on the offensive or
  • Network functionality –
    • Easily join multiplayer games, via the PSP
      system’s wireless ad hoc mode, at anytime without the fuss of complicated
      lobby rooms.
    • Download music to the memory stick.
    • Virally transfer high score data to and from
      others systems while engaging in multiplayer battles.
  • Customizable controls – Reassign the PSP
    system controls to suit any gaming preference or style.
  • Selection of screen settings – Change the size
    ratio including normal, stretch or vertical.
  • Bonus content – Listen to remixed music and
    view original artwork.