Capcom Announces Western Release of Monster Hunter Tri for Wii

August 3, 2009

Announces Western Release of Monster Hunter Tri for Wii

Four-Player Online Co-Op,
2-Player Split-Screen and New Underwater Environments Introduced When Japanese
Phenomenon Comes To North American and European Markets in 2010

Capcom Entertainment today announced
that Monster Hunter Tri will be released in both North America and Europe for
Nintendo’s Wii system in early 2010.

Monster Hunter Tri will set a new
bar in the action/adventure genre with the introduction of new features and game
play elements as the multi-million unit selling franchise makes its debut on the
Wii system.

One of the most strikingly beautiful
titles ever developed for Wii, Monster Hunter Tri depicts a living, breathing
ecosystem where man co-exists with fantastic beasts that roam both the land and
the sea. Featuring both online and offline cooperative modes, players can join
online hunting parties with up to four players or play with two players on a
single TV for select quests. Players also have the option to face Monster Hunter
Tri’s challenging quests as a single player experience accompanied by Cha-Cha,
an AI hunting partner whose tracking and trapping skills will prove invaluable
in the hunt. New items, weapons and armor sets will also be available to assist
the hunters as they embark on the most incredible Monster Hunter adventure to

“Fans of Nintendo and Monster Hunter
are eagerly anticipating the launch of this title in the US, which will be the
first time the series is available on a Nintendo home console,” said Steve
Singer, Nintendo of America’s Vice President of Licensing. “Having Capcom bring
Monster Hunter Tri to the Wii console provides tremendous action, fun and
entertainment to both veteran players and series newcomers alike.”

Visitors to this month’s GamesCom
European gaming convention in Cologne, Germany August 19-23, will be the first
to sample a localized version of the title on Capcom’s stand as it makes its
English debut for a western audience. GamesCom attendees will have the
opportunity to play the same game that took last year’s Tokyo Game Show by
storm, with lines that stretched around Capcom’s stand as eager Japanese gamers
waited in excess of five hours to play.

This desire to be one of the first
to experience Monster Hunter Tri is indicative of the impact the Monster Hunter
franchise has made on videogame culture in Japan. With sales of the series
totaling well over 10 million units and 3.5 million sales of Monster Hunter
Portable 2ndG alone, it’s no surprise to find that Monster Hunter has given rise
to dedicated “training camps”, country-wide festivals and numerous licensed
products. The franchise doesn’t just top the charts in Japan; it’s become a
social phenomenon.

More information on Monster Hunter
Tri will be revealed in the upcoming months.