Capcom Announces New MotoGP Game is in Development

April 28, 2009

Announces New MotoGP Game is in Development

Monumental Games working on the
forthcoming title in the MotoGP gaming series

Capcom today announced that a new
MotoGP title is in development. A continuation of Capcom’s exclusive five year
agreement with Dorna Sports, this latest addition to the MotoGP videogame
franchise is being developed for the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 by Monumental

The upcoming MotoGP videogame
promises to take the series in a totally new and exciting direction, whilst
remaining faithful to the world’s premier motorcycling championship. Players
will be rewarded for more than simply crossing the finishing line first and the
game is set to include full and in-depth gameplay modes that deliver compelling
online and offline content above and beyond the standard race experiences.

Rik Alexander commented “We’re
working very closely with Capcom to take the MotoGP franchise to new heights.
No-one would question the experience of our team – what’s amazing is the sheer
energy which they’re bringing to the project. Like Capcom, they want this to
surpass everything that’s come before, and so far they’re very much on track.”

The development team at Monumental
includes ex-members of Climax Studios who worked on some of the most well
received and critically acclaimed past MotoGP titles. With the combination of
this wealth of experience plus an injection of top development talent,
especially in the online arena, this latest title is set to be a refreshing and
welcome addition to the racing genre.

“We are incredibly pleased to have
Monumental as the developer for this title.” stated Michael Pattison, Senior
Marketing Director, Capcom Europe. “And are confident they are the right choice
to create a game that will both satisfy existing fans and bring newcomers to the

Further details on this new MotoGP
title will be revealed shortly.