Capcom Teases New Street Fighter X Tekken Characters at Brazil Games Show

Street Fighter X Tekken is looking to be the biggest gaming crossover since Marvel vs. Capcom, and though it lacks some of the wackiness of that 3 on 3 craziness, the tag-team action between these two beloved franchises definitely looks to be a ton of fun.

Today, at Brazil Game Show, Capcom showed off three distinct videos, each briefly showing scraps of the remaining unannounced fighters, looking like pieces of a torn up photo. We've taken a moment to spotlight three of these scraps, though the videos seem to be showing off more than one character. Either that, or possibly teasing fake characters, as an early teaser video showed a basketball, which led gamers to believe Sean was in the game despite the fact that Rolento was the actual reveal.

The easiest new fighter to spot was Juri, as those pink gloves and matching nail-polish couldn't possibly belong to anyone else. Some have been a bit skeptical about including such a recent fighter in the game given how many fan-favorites are being overlooked, though its good to see some of the new school making an appearance.

Some are speculating this could be a picture of Tekken's Eddy Gordo, though the twin ponytails seem to betray that opinion. Obviously it's our favorite wacky kickboxer Deejay, ready push it this fighting game to the MAXIMUM. Also, he still wears pants that say Maximum, which is ridiculous.

Zangief is already confirmed for Street Fighter X Tekken, so it remains to be seen whether this is an alternate costume, or actually a completely different character. What is clear is that this must be Mecha Zangief. Some thought it might be Tekken's cyborg character Jack, but why the hell would Jack be wearing a pair of red wrestling trunks with a big 'Z' on them? 

There's a few more characters to speculate about in the trailers, which we've collected here. Check them out, and comment with who you think they're showcasing!