Capcom Showcases Three UMVC3 Pre-Order Costume Packs

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is looking to be the most exciting fighting game of the year, rounding out the game's roster of characters with plenty of fan favorites, and adding awesome new content such as the recently announced Heroes & Villians mode. For just $40 this update looks to be a real bargain, though players now have an extra incentive to pre-order thanks to some recently announced bonus costume packs.

GameStop will be offering the 'Femme Fatale' pack, arguably the sexiest of the three pre-order costume packs. Morrigan, Chun-Li, Storm and X-23 all recieve alternate costumes, with Storm's righteous 80s mohawk as the clear standout.

Amazon will have the 'New Age of Heroes' pack, the theme of which seems to be… well, non-existent. We don't know what link there is to be drawn between Strider Hiryu, Cyber Akuma, Sentinel and Dr.Doom, though Strider's sweet purple gi is another cool throwback.

Finally, there's the 'Villians Pack' from Best Buy. Wesler has his STARS outfit, and MODOK is dressed up like Elvis, both cool. Super Skrull meanwhile has… a robe? Weird. But even weirder is C. Viper's "secret agent" suit. Crimson Viper hasn't been around long enough for her to have a historical costume to use, but this masked thing with the flared boots looks downright ridiculous.

To see the rest of the costumes, including many that aren't available as pre-order bonuses, check out Capcom's blog.

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