Capcom Announces Release Date for Devil May Cry HD Collection

Capcom has just announced that they will be bringing our favorite demon slayer Dante, and his original three adventures to both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 3, 2012.

It will retail for $39.99 which isn't a bad price at all considering you get two amazing games. Two you ask? Well let's not beat around the bush here, Devil May Cry 2 was hardly anyone's favorite DMC game. Still, as a part of the whole set, you should play through it at least once, just to find out just how "not good" that game was, but then jump right into the third one which will remind you just how amazing it is.

And for those who tout themselves as Trophy hunters and Achievement whores, all three games will have support for both, as well as include bonus content which hasn't been revealed yet.

You can look forward to more Devil May Cry HD coverage once we get our hands on it come April.