Capcom adds online play to Resident Evil: Revelations 2’s Raid Mode

A great mode gets even better

I can honestly say that my favorite mode of Capcom's latest Resident Evil game is easily the Raid Mode. Not only is it jam-packed with a ton of missions to partake in, but you also get access to a bunch of characters that can fundamentally change your playstyle. At laungh, the mode was missing an online component, which would have arguably made the experience way more fun, but that all changes today.

As promised, Capcom delivered a patch this morning that enabled online play for Raid Mode. To play with others online you simply walk over to the blue door that's on the right wall when looking at the main red door. The game then gives you some search criteria, whether you want to play with random players or your friends. It's that easy.

If you've purchased Revelations 2 and already plowed through the main missions but wanted a reason to come back, this is definitely it.

Revelations 2 Raid Mode Multiplayer