Calling All Able-Bodied Mariners!

November 28, 2007

Calling All Able-Bodied Mariners!

unknown virtual waters, command new ships and crews with the release of pirates
at ocean’s edge


Pirates at Ocean’s Edge™ is the
latest expansion for Sony Online Entertainment’s Pirates Constructible Strategy
Game™ Online created at the SOE Denver studio. Featuring new islands, seafaring
monsters, and fathomless whirlpools, strategy players will skillfully navigate
their ships to the Ocean’s Edge, where they will be tempted by uncharted
territory, mounds of gold and thrilling adventures, all while fighting possible
destruction and surprise!

  • Uncover more than 100 new ships,
    such as the USS Constitution and the HMS Victoria and over 90 new crew members
    including Davy Jones and the Crimson Angel, as well as an excess of treasures
    for players to acquire and command

  • Explore the enigmatic Skull Island
    or traverse one of the many other new and mysterious islands along the horizon

  • Sail out into the deep blue sea –
    but watch out for the ferocious Titans, Giant Sharks, Sea Dragons or deadly
    whirlpools. You’d best be careful of what lurks out on the waters!

  • Claim the sturdy Catamaran and
    swift Windcatcher ships for yourself and sail your way to victory, gold and


Pirates at Ocean’s Edge is scheduled
to launch on Wednesday, November 28, 2007