Call of Duty: Elite May Support Older Call of Duty Titles

Call of Duty: Elite is set to launch later this year and support both Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3, but the question many have asked is whether or not it will support older—and still popular—COD titles. In an interview with OXM, Beachhead Studio boss Chako Sonny and Activision’s Vice President of Digital Jamie Berger revealed that Activision has not ruled out this idea.

“Currently we’re supporting all Call of Duty games starting with Black Ops,” said the two. “We haven’t ruled anything out yet, but we’ve been laser-focused on Black Ops implementation, and more importantly, instrumenting the service to support every game that comes on from here. The challenge is cracking open the old games, because it only works well when it’s built next to and within the game,”

They concluded with, “We’d love to do it in theory, but in practice it’s a lot harder than it sounds. The focus is first to get it right on our current ones forward, and then we may make the decision to go back at some point.”

While I doubt we will be seeing support of older titles at launch, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is implemented next year after the Modern Warfare 3 frenzy dies down.