Call of Duty: WW2’s Zombie Mode Has Such Hidden Easter Eggs, Testers Haven’t Found Them All Yet

Gotta find them all!

Call of Duty: WW2  may be taking the series back to its roots with the single-player campaign, but the now famous Zombies mode is being revitalized as well. While the gameplay concept remains the same, Sledgehammer Games intends for it to be far more horrifying than before.

In an interview with Game Informer, seen below, Jon Horsley and Cameron Dayton (Senior director of development and creative director respectively) talk inspiration and their approach on the new Zombies mode.

"We've got an accessible hint system. You don't have to go to YouTube to get through the core elements of the game. However, some of the Easter eggs… some of them are so incredibly enigmatic and mysterious to find that we've got testers that still haven't uncovered some of the stuff we've got hidden in there," Dayton said. "We've got some bets on how long it's gonna take the rest of the community to figure these out."

Zombies mode has always been filled with secrets, with wiki pages upon wiki pages of explanation of how to unlock them. In this case, Sledgehammer seems to be interested in more easter eggs and more of a horror aspect to the new Zombies mode.

What is it about World War II and zombies that make such a great combination?