Call of Duty: WW2 receives its first Patch for PC – Details included

Aligning the PC with Consoles, seems like SH Games is finally on track

This past Friday, Sledgehammer Games released the first post-release patch for Call of Duty: WW2 for Xbox One and PS4, fixing issues with stability, amongst other things. Today, however, Sledgehammer has released the first patch for the PC version, bringing both platforms into a sort of alignment.

The PC version will feature the same weapon buffs and nerfs as the console version, but the PC features options that consoles do not, like the option to adjust your field of view (FOV) or monitor settings (hz rate), especially those running FreeSync and nVidia graphics cards. Those setting have been updated and/or fixed, but SH has also added support for Discord's Rich Presence feature. For those unfamiliar with Rich Presence, think of it like Xbox Live or PSN, where players using Discord can see what their friends are playing, the level their on and with just a mouse click, join them in game.

The new PC update also fixes a myriad of other issues which are all outlined below.

General updates

  • Fixed an issue where the FOV was being reset to 65 every time the user starts Multiplayer
  • Resolved an issue where FPS is locked to 60 fps when using HDR on 60hz monitors in Windowed (No Border) mode
  • Fixed a hitching issue when using 144hz monitor in Windowed (Not Border) with Vsync & Freesync enabled
  • Ranked Play support added for the upcoming Ranked Season in December
  • Support added for Discord

Multiplayer updates

  • Connectivity improvements and optimizations
  • Leaderboard stability improvements and bug fixes
  • General UI improvements
  • Various issues with when the party leader disbands the party
  • Fixed various issues with parties following the party leader to the HQ
  • Fixed a rare issue where players are being booted from public lobbies
  • Fixed a host migration issue when the party leader exits the game via exit to desktop
  • Fixed issue with kill feed improperly displaying a user has changed their name
  • Addressed animation issue with Laughing Emote
  • Addressed glare issues with various Weapon Kits while SSR is set to High
  • Resolved issue with After Action Report not appearing after Gridiron and Capture the Flag matches
  • Addressed uncommon issue where HUD would only display for a single player in Hardcore DOM
  • Espionage Basic Training – reduced painted time from ten seconds to six. Made it so only bullet damage paints you
  • Addressed issue with Mastery challenges where number of challenges was displaying incorrectly making Challenges impossible to complete
  • Fixed tank inversion and sensitivity setting for War tank controls
  • Sniper class – fixed a bug with all Sniper Rifles zooming to exact center when aiming down the sights.

Weapon buffs

  • Walther Toggle Action Shotgun – damage increased at extremely close range
  • Bren LMG – increased damage per shot
  • LMG Bipod – sped up ADS time when in bipod stance

Weapon nerfs

  • BAR Rifle – decreased fire rate and widened hip fire spread
  • STG44 Rifle – widened hip fire spread
  • FG42 Rifle – increased recoil and widened hip fire spread
  • Machine Pistol – decreased damage ranges

Zombies updates

  • Fixed a crash with host migration while in a public zombies match
  • Addressed lighting/glare issues with Tesla gun in Zombies when SSR is enabled.
  • Fixed Klaus pathing

With these new updates, the game overall should be much more balanced, however, if you notice you're not leveling as you quickly as you were over the weekend, that's because, since launch, Sledgehammer accidentally turned on 3XP. The issue, as of today has been fixed.

Sledgehammer is nowhere near done bringing WW2 up to snuff, as dedicated servers have yet to be reimplemented back into the game and the much touted and praised Headquarters "mode" is still gimped by only allow you or members of your team that you've invited, into the large, third person lobby. Hopefully, those issues will be ironed out soon.