Call of Duty: Warzone to extend into future titles in the series

Call of Duty: Warzone has quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with. It has made a big name for itself in a genre dominated by Fortnite and won back lapsed Call of Duty players. With its success, it seems like Activision doesn’t want to abandon it like they did with its other BR mode, Blackout.

With Call of Duty 2020 on the horizon, it seems the plan is to adapt Warzone to future titles in the series and not keep it locked to Modern Warfare. In a new interview with GamesRadar, design director Geoff Smith revealed Warzone is meant to be its own game that lives alongside other Call of Duty titles.

“Although Warzone is very closely tied to Modern Warfare, it was designed from the beginning as its own game,” says Smith. “As the game continues to be updated over time, it will evolve and become tied to other games in the Call of Duty universe.”

With a 70s Cold War setting all but confirmed for the 2020 title, it seems to be part of the plan to help keep the beloved Call of Duty battle royale mode fresh.

“It’s extremely important to us that the game continues to evolve,” affirms Smith, “From the beginning, we’ve strived to continuously bring new and different ways for fans to play and continue having fun in both Modern Warfare and Warzone.”

With only a couple of months left until the annual CoD release window, it’s likely we’ll hear more about the future of Warzone very soon. In the meantime, Modern Warfare’s fifth season launched today with all kinds of new content for both multiplayer and the battle royale mode.