Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 already in the works?

It's almost November, which means it's almost time for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. It also means it's time to start talking about NEXT YEAR's Call of Duty title, which is presumably going to be Modern Warfare 4.We haven't even played this year's installment, and we're already talking about the next? My how quickly things in the gaming industry move.

According to the website "", one of the writers on a flight from Bodrum to London Stansted sat near actor Bill Murray — not the Ghostbuster, but the one who voices Captain Price in the Modern Warfare series (Infinity Ward's side of Call of Duty).

Supposedly Murray let it slip that he was working on the next Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 4. This is apparently what Murray said:

Yeah, on Monday I am off to meet Infinity Ward about the next game, Modern Warfare 4, I’m doing work on the sequel to Modern Warfare 3, it carries straight on and I only ever appear in the Modern Warfare games…

Given the fact that Activision releases yearly installments of the Call of Duty franchise, I suppose it's not too hard to believe that they are already working on next year's title. And seeing as it's Infinity Ward's turn at the plate, I could definitely see it being a Modern Warfare sequel. 

Of course, this could all be nothing more than a hoax. For that reason we highly suggest you take this rumor with a grain of salt and stay with us as we wait to hear back from Activision, whom we've reached out to regarding this supposed conversation. If it does turn out to be true, then I'm sure Murray will be in some hot water, and will definitely be more cautious the next time he talks to a random stranger on a plane.