Call of Duty: Mobile will be playable for free on PC when it launches tomorrow

More options, more fun

A surprise announcement by Gameloop will soon enable PC gamers to play on of this year’s Call of Duty games on their computers with keyboard and mouse controls at absolutely no cost. Users only have to download GameLoop’s free app from their website and wait until tomorrow when Call of Duty: Mobile launches for mobile devices.

Earlier this year, Activision unveiled that their ambitious Call of Duty spin-off for mobile devices was headed to the West. Today, we are just mere hours away from Call of Duty: Mobile finally launching on Android & iOS. With the game being free-to-play the entry barrier is as low as it gets but there’s even more good news which should make PC users especially happy – or any gamer who dislikes touch controls.

GameLoop is a free service which basically brings popular mobile games to the PC platform by using an Android emulator. But don’t close the tab just yet, as unlike most other Android emulators GameLoop does all the finicky setup for its users and packages games as easy standalone clients. It’s as simple as downloading and installing any other app.

This is a free-to-play game for both Android and iOS devices; a feature-rich game brimming with content, and for the first time includes brings together experiences from both the Modern Warfare® and Black Ops series of games! Also expect a fully-customizable control scheme, numerous modes of play, fan-favorite characters and weapons to choose from, as well a new, sprawling and suitably epic Battle Royale mode.

So, why would anyone want to play a mobile game on their PC? It’s simple. Choice. What GameLoop allows is to play Call of Duty: Mobile just like any other PC shooter with a keyboard and mouse. No matter how good touch controls are implemented, using the age-old manual combo will make owning noobs that much easier and comfortable.

Call of Duty: Mobile is launching tomorrow, October 1st, for Android and iOS, and now also on PC.