Call of Duty Elite Service Update Focuses on Age Restrictions, Mobile App

Since the launch of Modern Warfare 3 Activision's Call of Duty ELITE Service has experienced trouble meeting the high demand of registrations.  Activision has found that the greater than expected demand is crashing servers and have been working around the clock to fix the problems.  In addition to the server issues, other problems have arose, including age restrictions denying entry into the service.

Last night, Activision released an update to the Elite Service, announcing that "they've been able to make key improvements to Call of Duty ELITE."

"The title, emblem and weapon camo for Founders are all available now.  And, the title, emblem and Double XP for all members are available as well.  For those of you who have logged into ELITE, we’ve improved the stability for both the console app and website and while neither is yet working at 100%, you should be seeing the results of that work. We are also still working very hard to increase the number of users who can access the service simultaneously, and over the next few days, we will be working to increase the functionality of groups and clans in the Connect section."

Despite the progress, they did recognize that there is much more work to be done and have shed some light on two updates on issues plaguing current ELITE members, or users attempting to get ELITE service.

"We are working on a solution for gamers currently being inconvenienced by age restrictions in different countries. We are in the process of implementing this change and we’ll update you on our progress shortly. Also, while many people are curious and excited to use Call of Duty ELITE’s mobile applications, we plan to release the iOS and Android apps when we’re confident the service will be able to handle the extra traffic they will generate – so stay tuned."

The recent barrage of bugs and problems since launch is the last thing Activition wanted to see on their new service.  But looking at the glass half full, at least it's because of a high demand of users wanting to participate in the service.