CABAL Episode 3 – Soul and Siena Releases

June 15, 2009

CABAL Episode 3 – Soul and Siena
Releases today announced
that Soul & Siena, the second major update of the year for its hugely popular
FREE-TO-PLAY game, CABAL Online, will go live on 16th June 2009. Arriving only
three months after the previous expansion, which saw the introduction of new
hunting grounds, a title system and new items, Soul & Siena continues to build
on the games solid foundations, adding a new raiding dungeon, high level armors
and a unique bonus skill system.

Introducing a new layer of
customization, the bonus skill system offers players the chance to increase
their strength by harnessing the power of their soul. Gathering soul experience
while hunting, this new experience can be used to learn a range of new skills
and powers, opening up a series of paths for further character development.
Benefits to be learned include increased luck rates (e.g. the drop rate of
CABALs gold), increased experience or additional attributes such as attack or
magic power.

These new powers will be required to
tackle the challenges that lie ahead. With a dangerous force emerging from the
dark temple, the Altar of Siena, the warriors of Nevareth will need to rise up
and destroy the evil that threatens to engulf the lands. Inside the ruined
temple, located deep within the Mutant Forest, players will face foes that
possess powers unlike any ever witnessed before, providing a challenge to even
the strongest and most intelligent of adventurers. But with great risks come
great rewards and treasures to be found inside CABALs latest raiding dungeon
include a brand new set of previously undiscovered armors.

With this new update security has
also been increased with the inclusion of a new sub-password system. Players are
able to create a four digit password, locking equipped items, storage, and even
a character. These passwords are optional, yet will help many players protecting
their items from potential account breaches.

Soul & Siena will be offered as a
FREE update and includes, on top of the features already listed, a host of
changes and improvements, including:

  • New keyboard and short-cut
    commands improving the smoothness and enjoyment of game play

  • Further changes to the war maps,
    making the rewards fair and worthwhile

  • Adjustments to the experience
    gained from the early level quests, making it possible for new players to
    quickly develop into the heroes of tomorrow.

  • A number of bug fixes, fixing the
    most pressing and annoying bugs

For more information visit the
official site at
. With a series of events lined up for June to celebrate
three years of CABAL Online, never before has it been a better time to join one
of the largest and most established free-to-play games on the market.