Buying an Apple Watch will be by appointment or online only

Scheduling for an appointment begins April 10

It looks like the days of camping outside your local Apple store are a thing of the past, the company confirmed that consumers will need to make a reservation to purchase the new Apple Watch.

Instructions posted to Apple's website for "How to buy Apple Watch" suggest that the only way see the company's first wearable tech will be by appointment only.

Although Apple will begin taking pre-orders for the latest device on April 10th after 12:01 a.m. PDT, the actual pre-order and sale of the device will be either online or by reservation only. You'll be able to have the Apple Watch delivered to your house for free, or you can choose to order it online and make a reservation to actually buy it at an Apple Store. "We'll have it waiting for you when you arrive," the company promises.

For those of you who haven't yet made up your mind on the Apple Watch, you can schedule a "try-on appointment" beginning April 10 at an Apple Store.

It's an interesting shift in strategy with the Apple Watch that I can't say I understand very much. Part of what makes Apple's products so successful is the freedom the company gives to consumers by just letting them walk into a store and play around with all the different products. In my opinion, the best way to market your product is to let consumers discover it in stores. It's worked tremendously well with the iPhone and iPad, and I just don't get why Apple would change their strategy — especially with something so new and different than we're used to. Perhaps Apple recognizes that a smart watch is potentially niche and wants to avoid the crowded stores and long lines that accompany every iPhone launch.

Still though, it's odd that Apple wouldn't at least have some Apple Watches on display in their stores to at least give consumers a chance to discover and explore what this product has to offer. Maybe it's one of those things that is sold better through a representative. Who knows… 

The Apple Watch comes in a variety of styles with different models and pricing to match. Check out the Apple online store for a look at all your different options.