Buy the retail version of Age of Wushu, train with martial arts legend, Jet Li

When it comes to Free to Play MMORPGs, you rarely ever think of buying a retail copy. After all, the entire game is ready and available for you to play immediately just by visiting the official site and downloading it. Age of Wushu is offering some sweet deals with its retail edition that might just make it worth that extra investment.

The Special Retail Edition will come with a unique "Twilight Village Adventure" which acts as a single-player experience that will allow them to train with martial arts legend, Jet Li. Playing as a reformed bandit, players will fight alongside Jet Li to rescue villagers from attacks, fires and more.

The Retail Edition is sold for $20, but comes with more than $80 worth of in-game items and bonuses.

  • Special mount
  • $20 worth of in-game currency
  • 30 Days of VIP access
  • Scrolls for added reputation
  • Fashion Outfits for players' characters
  • Pills for experience and Chi

You can pick up your Retail Edition of Age of Wushu at your local GameStop, however, if you feel like passing on a once-in-a-lifetime chance to train with Jet Li, you can immediately dive into Age of Wushu by downloading the free client from the Official Site.