Buy one of these games on the eShop, get Donkey Kong free

Nintendo is currently running a promotion for Club Nintendo members. By purchasing one game from a select group of titles through the 3DS eShop, you'll be able to snag a free download of the NES version of Donkey Kong.

But this isn't your ordinary NES Donkey Kong game. Donkey Kong: Original Edition, as it's being called, will include some content we didn't see when the game was released for Nintendo's original money-makin' box, namely the Cement Factory level from the arcade edition.

The list of games that you'll be able to choose from in order to receive your free Donkey Kong download includes Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone, Crosswords Plus, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, and Style Savvy: Trendsetters.

By purchasing a digital copy of one of these titles and registering it on Club Nintendo, you'll instantly be eligible to get your free game. The promotion will run until January 3, and this version of Donkey Kong is not available for purchase.

[Tiny Cartridge]

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