Buy.Com Officially the Cheapest Place to Get a Nintendo 3DS, Just $130

Lots of gaming sites today were posting about Target's black friday sale on the Nintendo 3DS, encouraging shoppers to brave the holiday shopping frenzy for a laughable $25 discount. Well thankfully the boys of the GameZone Value Team don't waste their time posting such crappy deals, spending their every waking moment in search of true bargains. And boy do we have a whopper for you.

Right now, is unloading Cosmo Black Nintendo 3DS units for just $130 through their eBay page. We don't know exactly how many they have in stock, but these units are all brand new, and just waiting to be jammed under your tree. Many youngsters have named the 3DS as their most wanted toy this season, so knowing you're gonna have to buy one of the damn things anyway, you really should think about grabbing one while you still can.

 Alternatively, you could rely on the misguided headlines of GamePro writer McKinley Noble, who told us earlier today "Target Officially the Cheapest Place to Get a Nintendo 3DS." Officially eh? Well I'm the goddamn sherrif of bargain town, so why don't you take your business eleswhere Gamepro! BOOYAH!