Buy and own your very own mech, the ‘Kuratas’ is VERY real

So… you know that $1.35 million burning in your pocket?  Man oh man do I have JUST the thing for you then.  Suidobashi Heavy Industries has created a 4.4 ton Kuratas Mobile Suit.  With art from Kogoro Kurata and with the robot expertise of Wataru Yoshizaki’s robot frame, your dreams of owning a mech can finally come true.  Did I mention you can operate and drive it?  Well you can, that’s definitely a thing.

This bad boy can be driven in both a high (for better view) and low position.  It runs of gasoline and has a diesel engine.  The mech tops out at a speed of 10 kilometers an hour.  There is a ‘Transform Operation Device’ that allows you to move the arms of the Kuratas.  Inside the cockpit, there is a HUD similar to your favorite mech video games or television shows.  If cockpit control isn’t your style, you can use a ‘master – slave’ operation, similar to playing with action figures, to control the arms and body of the mech.  As I that wasn’t enough, the same functions can be done via a 3G device. Kuratas

Yea, that’s nice and all, but does it have weapons?  Does it have weapons… you KNOW it has weapons.  There different attachments you can add to its arms for different effects.  Besides blades and fists, it has some projectiles.  It has a ‘LOHAS Launcher’ which looks like your typical rocket launcher.  Unlike missiles, it shoots highly inaccurate water bottle looking projectiles that are incapable of rotating or pivoting.  Apparently it can’t hurt humans.  “From time to time will hit its target.”  Also, it’s eco friendly

The other projectile is a wrist mounted twin gatling gun.  This is by far the most hilarious feature of this thing.  In no point in the video does it say this gun cannot hurt humans.  Sure it only fire BB pellets, but when you’re firing 6000 BB bullets a minute… you got something dangerous on your hands (or wrist).  I haven’t gotten to the best part yet.  This gatling gun has an auto alignment feature that can lock on targets.  In the video, it locks onto a man’s face.  6000 BB BULLETS A MINUTE ON SOMEONE’S FACE WILL OBLITERATE THEM!  Oh… and the firing mechanism is smiling.  They call it “The Smile Shot.”  I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

So that’s the Kuratas Mobile Suit.  It also has a telephone attachment so you can call your friends (or enemies) to let them know you’re on your way.  When showing off your very own mech, just make sure they don’t make your laugh or you could quickly make Swiss cheese of their face.

[Engadget via Suidobashi Heavy Industries

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