Burger King teaches people what Net Neutrality means by infuriating them

That Reese's cup though.

The FCC officially voted to repeal Net Neutrality back in December 2017. The vote came with plenty of backlash from states across the United States. While the court battles delay the repeal process, Burger King has decided to teach people what Net Neutrality means.

Net Neutrality kept the internet safe from Internet Service Providers offering ‘fast-lanes’ to the internet in the form of tiered accessibility payments and partners with other companies. The subject could be hard for to explain and even harder to understand, so, Burger King decided to teach people what Net Neutrality meant through experience.

Taking the concept of fast lanes on the internet, Burger King broke up their famous Whopper into three different speeds. Your basic Whopper price, $4.99, got you a Whopper, but with slow MBPS – Making Burger Per Second, meaning it could take up to 15 minutes for you to get your Whopper. To speed things up, the $12.99 option got you a Whopper at a faster speed, and the ‘Hyperfast’ option, costing $25.99, got you your burger immediately.

Burger King employees explained that the Whoppers were ready, but they couldn’t give it to them because Whopper Neutrality was repealed.

When customers asked why Burger King employees explained that Burger King believed they could sell more chicken sandwiches by making it $26 to get a Whopper the moment you order it.

Check out the video below:

Net Neutrality being repealed doesn’t really affect Burger King, so it’s interesting to see them releasing a video that described what Net Neutrality is and how its repeal can affect people.