Bungie Teasing New Project

Even though Bungie has moved on from their most famous franchise, Halo, it doesn’t mean they can’t look back and celebrate what they’ve accomplished. Today marks the 20th birthday for Bungie; to celebrate, the studio released a stunning past, present, future YouTube video (55 freaking minutes long!) called “O Brave New World.”

In the later part of the video Bungie finally gave fans a tease of their current non-Halo project. The project, titled “Tiger,” will be using a completely new engine in a completely new world. Along with the title, Bungie revealed the logo to project Tiger. The official logo can be seen below:

FInally, Bungie teased what possibly could be the project’s first screenshot. The screen simply shows windmills amidst sandy terrain. The screen can be seen below:

Comment below and give us your ideas on what project Tiger could be.