Bungie is ready to deliver on their big promise of Destiny

It's been over a year since Bungie unveiled its ambitious project now known as Destiny. Over the past months, we've been teased with videos, screenshots, and the promise of a game that brings gamers together in a shared, persistent world. At the most basic level, it's an evolution of the first-person shooter genre, by offering a living social universe in a persistent, dynamic world. It's a big task, one that Bungie is ready to deliver on.

"We talked a big game last year," Bungie said in the latest Weekly Update. "We were so excited to talk about our future."

"Now it's time to deliver," the developer continued. "It's time to close this out in a way that we will all be proud of. We owe that to ourselves, and to our legacy. But most of all, we owe it to you."

Destiny isn't due out until September 9, but a beta for the game planned for this summer. Before we get to that though, Bungie first opened their studio doors to select journalists to preview the game. Don't worry, those previews will be coming soon, along with "shiny new assets."

"It will mark the beginning of your true introduction into the world of Destiny. We hope, more than anything, that you love what you see," Bungie said.

"Pre-Alpha itself is just a beginning. It leads us into Alpha proper, and you into Beta, but it’s already keeping us up late into the night. Though we’re bleary-eyed and exhausted with the day-to-day challenge of keeping Destiny ON TRACK, the tiny sampling offered by our Pre-Alpha is already hugely motivating. For many of us, especially those who have never had the opportunity to see what it’s like to ship a new IP, it’s been downright monumental – a testament to what this team is truly capable of and the foundation, we hope, for a game experience we can all feel proud to put our name on and shout, 'I made that!'"

Destiny is due out on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360. Although Destiny's beta will be open to anyone who pre-orders the game, PlayStation owners will receive first access.