Bungie has “no plans” to release Destiny 2 on Steam for PC

It's Blizzard all the way.

A small accident on the part of Steam and Bungie caused the Destiny community's hope to grow for a Steam release of the PC version of Destiny 2. Unfortunately for Steam-partial PC players, the Destiny developers still claiming that Destiny 2 will not release on Valve's gaming platform.

What was the accident? Well, somehow Destiny's buyable in-game currency, Silver, became available on Steam, despite Bungie's claims that the PC version will only be available on Blizzard Battle.net. Silver didn't simply appear on Steam, it was also purchasable – something a few Steam users discovered.

Valve is currently working on reimbursing anyone who purchased the mistakenly posted item.

According to Bungie's community manager David “Deej” Dagu, the posting on Steam was an accident and Destiny 2 will only release on Blizzard's game client.

“Destiny transactions on Steam were made available in error. All purchases will be refunded manually by Valve. Sorry for the confusion!” said Dague in a tweet. “We’re with Blizzard. No plans to release Destiny 2 on PC anywhere else. Pass it on.”

Regardless of the confirmation that there will be no Steam release for Destiny 2, it's curious that Destiny's currency made it there in the first place… Almost like they were testing.