Bungie files trademark for ‘Rise of Iron’; Rumored to be Destiny expansion

Yeah, so much for being discreet.

While Bungie plans on revealing the next expansion for Destiny later this week, people have been keeping an eye on every move the developer makes, hoping for them to drop a hint on what to expect. In a move to make their upcoming expansion official, Bungie has filed for a trademark through the United States Patent & Trademark Office for something called 'Rise of Iron'.

If Rise of Iron sounds familiar, that's because rumors from earlier this year suggests that the next expansion for Destiny would indeed be titled Rise of Iron. The title for the expansion wasn't the only thing rumored, sources also said that the expansion would feature a new raid that will be larger than previous DLC packs.

The trademark for Rise of Iron was spotted by IGN, who noted that it had been originally filed on May 31. The trademark covers a number of items like video games, graphic novels, toys, and Halloween costumes. The far reach of the trademark is interesting, but might be a move by Bungie to protect the game from getting weird one-off toys from third-party retailers.