Bundle in a Box: Pay a small fee, snag great adventure games

Indie studio Kyttaro Games has launched Bundle in a Box, a campaign where gamers can pay a small fee for a handful of titles, in the process helping out a lot of folks. The first collection of what will hopefully be many down the road is The Adventure Bundle, which takes a number of great PC adventure games and groups them all into one big ball of indie gaming bliss.

Included in Bundle in a Box are the following adventure games:

  • Gemini Rue
  • Ben There, Dan That!
  • Time Gentleman, Please!
  • 1893: A World's Fair Mystery
  • The Sea Will Claim Everything (which just so happens to be launching for the first time ever)

The way Bundle in a Box works is that you'll snag all of the games listed above if you pay the minimum, which is currently $1.59 as of this writing. Additionally, gamers who pay over the average for the bundle (currently $5.61) will also get downloads of The Shivah and Metal Dead. Every 500 bundles sold results in a five cent price drop, and rewards (Gemini Rue soundtrack, Metal Dead Making Of PDF, The Shivah soundtrack) will be thrown in for good measure with every 10,000 sales.

Bundle in a Box will go a long way to helping a number of individuals. Every 15,000 bundles sold will put $2,000 into the Indie Dev Grant, which will then be awarded to one developer (selected via vote) once the bundle ends. Additionally, Bundle in a Box proudly supports Perivolaki – The Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family, which is really awesome.

So check out Bundle in a Box: The Adventure Bundle, and if you see some games you like, why not drop a few coins for them and help out some great causes?

[Bundle in a Box: The Adventure Bundle]

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