Bulkhead Interactive teams with Square Enix for WW2 FPS Battalion 1944; Set to release on PS4, Xbox One, PC

Their 2nd foray together

It's been just over a year since Battalion 1944 was announced last February by Bulkhead Interactive. The game blew past its Kickstarter goals extremely quickly as fans were excited for the FPS Genre to head back to the WW II era. A new agreement announced today should help speed that up, as the company has partnered with Square Enix Collective on a publishing deal.

This will mark the second time the two have partnered together following last year's successful launch of The Turing Test, so Bulkhead found Square to be their optimal partner for Battalion 1944. “We received some strong offers from other very big publishers on Battalion 1944. But ultimately, the one team that really stood out for us was Square Enix Collective”, said Bulkhead Interactive's Senior Game Producer Joe Brammer, “Why? Because they published our previous game, The Turing Test on PC, so we've gotten to know them well and that means we know how they work. Crucially, we know that the relationship will be based on trust; and that's something which works both ways”.

Phil Elliot of Square Enix also commented on the continued partnership with Bulkhead

“We trust Joe and the team as we know what they’re capable of and we see them actively listening to their community. Our relationship is built on a foundation of minimum publisher interference with maximum support where needed. We’ll help nurture and grow the community while Bulkhead can focus on crafting a fantastic FPS experience with Battalion 1944”.

You can follow Battalion 1944 on their official site, and the game is set to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC with a current unknown release date. Bulkhead has noted the game should release in 2017, but we have no concrete date yet. Check out the announcement video of the partnership below.