Build Your Own Bet on Soldier Website


Digital Jesters release Bet on Soldier fansite kit as
release anticipation builds.

31 May 2005

With the release of the revolutionary shooter Bet of
Soldier looming on the horizon, Digital Jesters have decided to let the growing
throng of fans do things their way. A handily packaged fansite kit has been made
available to anyone with a passion for one of the most innovative first person
shooters to be released this year. To download this fansite starter pack head to
the link below.

Additional links can be found at

The package includes everything you need to launch a killer fansite and stamp
your own individual style on a site that will be visited by fans of the game,
hungry for information. Have your say on what you want from the finished
article, shout about the things you love and get everyone else excited about a
game that dares to do things differently.

Digital Jesters will also ensure that hosts of Bet on Soldier fansites receive
certain exclusive information and assets before the public gets to see and hear
the latest news on the game.

Bet on Soldier is a unique first person shooter from Kylotonn studios that
combines squad based shooting with intense one-on-one deathmatch style boss
battles. The single player game focuses on a tightly woven plot that has you
competing in a Running Man style gameshow where mercenaries fight each other for
money. Multi-player Bet on Soldier melds all of the single player elements into
a unique online experience that mixes team based shooting with specific one on
one encounters.

For more information head to