Build the City of Your Dreams with City Life 2008 Edition

February 6, 2008

Build the City of Your Dreams with City Life
2008 Edition

Create and manage spectacular cities with real
satellite maps and famous landmarks

City Life 2008 Edition, to be released in
February 2008 by Ascaron, is the latest version of the popular City Life series.
The game puts players in the role of an urban planner and real estate developer,
designing, building and maintaining every aspect of their creation. The latest
version contains an additional 23 maps as well as the possibility to import
satellite maps. There are also 60 new buildings including London landmarks such
as St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Royal Opera House.

A successful city is built on a thriving economy
with happy and well-rounded citizens. To achieve this, all six sociocultural
groups must be attracted to the city, from the wealthy ‘Elite’ to the
impoverished ‘Have-Nots’. Each has a part to play, from the work they provide to
the products they consume. Be careful not to place opposing groups in similar
residential areas – the progressive ideals of the ‘Radical Chic’ will strongly
clash with the traditional values of the ‘Blue Collars’.

All citizens need to be provided with essential
local services to remain loyal and stay in the city. Build enough schools for
everyone to get an education and make sure no one is without healthcare
services. Provide industries where people can work and recreational areas for
leisure time and hobbies. The ‘Radical Chic’ want access to modern art
galleries, whilst the ‘Elite’ prefer to attend the Opera.

Watch cities grow and develop as citizens
accumulate wealth. Affluent residential areas will contain magnificent villas
and large Neo-Gothic structures. The ‘Suits’ enjoy a fairly high income and
build modern angular homes, whilst the ‘Fringe’ are proud of their graffiti and
mural-clad dwellings. A growing city will also play host to the television
media, intent on reporting any divides and clashes on the streets.

The game has a high level of detail and animation
with total freedom of construction. Moving away from the traditional
right-angled grid, City Life 2008 Edition allows for much more complex
installations. Watch each city in beautiful detail with highly realistic
settings including reflection mapping and dynamic shadowing. Zoom in to ground
level and walk the streets of the city to get a better look at the action.