Build and command space stations in Rymdkapsel

A minimalist space-strategy game has landed on PlayStation Mobile, and it removes the stress of real-time strategy while keeping what makes it fun … in outer space.

Creator Martin Jonasson of Malmö, Sweden-based Grapefrukt Games explained the concept of Rymdkapsel — which means "space capsule" — today on the PlayStation Blog.

"Rymdkapsel is a game about building your station; imagine a real-time strategy game where you don’t have to worry about ever leaving the cozy comforts of your home base," he wrote.

"It’s not all smooth sailing, though, when your base grows bigger as does your need for space and resources. All this expansion will surely attract the attention of the dreaded enemy. This leaves you with the task of balancing your quest for expansion with the safety of a small, tight structure."

The basics of building a station are relatively simple. All players need to connect rooms is to attach a corridor. The lower part of the screen shows the task list, which is where you can assign "minions" different jobs, like engineering or food service.

Jonasson made the entire game himself. It's out now for $4.99, and you can download it from your PlayStation Vita or another device via the PlayStation Mobile section of the PlayStation Store. Versions for iOS and Android are coming in July.

Rymdkapsel features a single music track by composer Niklas Ström that lasts 15 minutes. It's "inspired by the lush forests of Sweden but somehow transposed into dark, lonely space," said Jonasson.

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