Budweiser teaches GoDaddy how to make a real Super Bowl commercial

Take note, GoDaddy

It's no secret that I absolutely loathed GoDaddy's Super Bowl ad mocking the whole "lost dog" premise of Budweiser's commercial (also airing at the Super Bowl). I, along with many others, let GoDaddy know, and as a result of all the backlash, they pulled the ad.

Feeding off the frenzy, Budweiser, just a day later, has debuted its own Super Bowl ad — the REAL version of the "Lost Dog #BestBuds". And as expected, it hit me right in the feels.

Faith in humanity restored. I may not drink Budweiser, but I'd gladly support a company that promotes a message like this rather over one like GoDaddy and its poor attempt at humor.

Lesson to be learned here: don't f*ck with animals. Especially dogs.