Bryan Singer’s X-men TV series ‘Gifted’ details revealed in casting call

Sounds more and more interesting

We found out last week that Bryan Singer's X-Men TV series on Fox will be called 'Gifted'. Other than a few minor plot details, nothing else is known about the show. A new casting call from MyCastingFile revealed a number of extras roles that are up for the pilot. 

There are nine positions in total, one of which seems to possibly be a new mutant in the "Native Americans at outpost". The other roles are as follows

  1. High school students at dance
  2. Seedy types at bar
  3. Native Americans at outpost
  4. 4 AM diner patrons
  5. Hotel maid
  6. Law office background
  7. Barfly woman
  8. 14-17-year-old high school students
  9. Sentinel service techs

The plot of the show focuses on a mother and father (separated) who must go on the run from the government after finding out their child is a mutant. Sentinels, used by the government to hunt the mutants, are known to be involved in the show but now appear to be in the pilot episode with the inclusion of the sentinel service technicians in the casting call. 

Included in the show are Gotham's Jamie Chung as mutant Blink, along with Amy Acker (Agents of SHIELD) as Kate the mother. Also in the show will be Natalie Alyn (Gotham) as Lauren the couple's mutant daughter and Emma Dumont as mutant Polaris. Both Polaris and Blink are part of the group that Acker and Stephen Moyer (True Blood) seek help from for their daughter. 

No release date has been announced yet, but Gifted will air on Fox later this year. 

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