Bryan Cranston dishes on his role as Zordon in ‘Power Rangers’

"Let's get ready to Ranger!"

Bryan Cranston gives a bit more information on his role as Zordon in the upcoming 'Power Rangers' movie.

It was recently announced that 'Breaking Bad' bad-ass, Bryan Cranston, will be returning to his Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers roots and portraying Zordon, the mentor of our heroes in 2017's Power Rangers reboot. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight to plug his latest movie, The Infiltrator, Cranston was asked to give up a few more details on how his portrayal of Zordon will come to pass:

"The tenant of that storyline is that this is a real person who was trapped in this ether-world that, you know, that becomes this "in-the-wall", so to speak, of this layer. He still has a heart and mind, but an agenda that he's gotta get these five Power Rangers to defend the earth, or else everyone on earth will be killed."

Cranston says he's very excited for the role and confirms the execution of the character will utilize a lot of motion capture and CGI. Still in the process of tweaking his booming Zordon voice, he still seems pretty ready to tackle the part. Cranston will be joined by Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, along with Dacre Montgomery, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Becky Gomez, and Naomi Scott as the Power Rangers.

Power Rangers releases March 24, 2017!